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Our Process to Match the Best Talent for the Best Results

The Your Realty Leverage, Inc., recruitment and placement process has been tested and refined to generate the best results for both talent and the companies hiring them.

Driven by our professional staff and their experience in the real estate business, human resources and recruitment/placement process, our exhaustive screening process is a systematic progression. We examine a candidate's professional background and personal strengths, while also discovering their individual personalities to determine the best talent for the best position.

Snapshot of Your Realty Leverage’s recruitment process follows:

    • Check the candidate’s résumé against existing open positions.
      • Look at their social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc
      • Length of time in each previous position
    • Conduct a prescreen interview via video
    • Send them a career assesment
    • Verify the assessment in a video interview
    • Conduct the Life Story and Motivational interview
    • Check their references
    • Make an offer

Initial Screening

In addition to looking at the initial experience and facts about a candidate’s work history, the Your Realty Leverage initial screening process goes further to also look for proven or emerging talent.

Following the Initial Screening and thorough evaluation is conducted to determine candidate quality and how their specific skill set can benefit an existing client need.

Proven Talent:

Has the knowledge, skills, personality, and culture.

Emerging Talent:

Has the knowledge, skills, personality, and culture. They haven’t done the job yet, but they have entry level experience.

In-depth Interviews

If, after the Initial Screening, a candidate is determined to be a potential hire then in-depth interviews are conducted to verify their skills, knowledge and to get to know their thought processes on a deeper level. The thought process portion of the interview is designed to better understand how a candidate’s mind works.

Examining a Candidate’s Life Story, Motivation and Perspective

This interview will go beyond what the candidate has done to explore why and how they did it, and what they learned from these experiences and will take them from latest form of education through each job they have held. The purpose is to uncover the candidate’s core culture and how they think about their future in key dimensions of their life.

This step because candidate and potential employer will meet face-to-face to see firsthand if they are a good, overall fit.

Confirming References

If the employer and talent tell the Your Realty Leverage staff member that there is a mutual agreement that they will be a good fit the candidate references are thoroughly vetted.

Candidate and employer commitment is then solidified via a written offer.